“ As it happens, I found and signed up for 90megs just a few days before [payroll processing] went live. I found 90megs through ClickHereFree's free hosting database. And I must say it's lived up to its wonderful reputation! ”
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Welcome to 90Megs.com, your free and paid hosting solution. With years of experience under our belt, we can confidently offer a diverse number of free hosting services built for you!
We have been providing hosting (free and paid) for years now and have highly trained staff and technical support team. We gaurantee honest, reliable, and powerful hosting solutions.
90 MB Storage, 10 GB Transfer,
1 POP Account, CGI,

Web Hosting Control Panel
MS Frontpage WebSite Hosting
PHP 4.2.3, CGI, Perl 5.6, MySQL
cPanel and Fantastico
Fast, Free 24/7 Tech Support
Backup Supported
3 Web Based E-Mail Programs
Domain Transfers
Call us now
with any questions!

Live Support: 1 (888) 493-2467
Forum Support : payroll processing
150 MB Storage, 15 GB Transfer,
3 POP Accounts,CGI, PHP,

New Features on Both Ends
Hey members! 90Megs.com will be having some BIG changes in the future that we are almost ready to release. Along with heavily modified hosting plans, 90Megs will also begin to become more community based. We will have more articles, tutorials, traffic exchange programs, and content for our members. On another note, movers nyc has just undergone some renovations of its on and we suggest you check it out!

In an effort to improve our support times and the quality of our support services we have installed a live help center in our support section of the site. You can request a live chat with an administrator, submit a trouble ticket, or email 90megs.com. In the future expect our support forums to be back.

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